We really wanted our members to have fun using Elementari on top of writing, reading, and enjoying the community. Therefore, we are introducing to you our new ranking and leveling system.

What is this ranking thingy?

We want to be able to reward the members who are active and have contributed to the community. 

Once you finish the Getting Started Mission Pack, you can choose a Creator Path (Illustrator, Composer, Writer). For now, we have opened up 5 levels (Level  - Level 4) for illustrators and composers. You can complete multiple Creator Paths. To see the progress for each, look at your settings. 

Writer levels are in the works! And we haven't forgotten readers either~

What is this ranking for?

Apart from being a symbol of status, your ranking brings real benefits! Many features are still under development, but here's a peek at some benefits you can get now :) 


If you are a contributor (illustrator or composer), you will receive different privileges based upon your level. We also use your level as a prerequisite to become an Elementari Partner. Here are some examples of what you get when you reach a new level. 

  • Level 1: You become an official Elementari Illustrator or Composer and receive a wood bronze badge! Your illustrations or sounds are now available on the Elementari Studio (if you one of the first 50 artists!)
  • Level 2: Your illustrations or sounds are now available on the Elementari Studio (for all other artists). Your badge is upgraded to silver. 
  • Level 3: You become part of the featured creators. Your account is pending approval to become an Elementari Partner. Your badge is upgraded to gold. 
  • Level 4: You become an Elementari Partner! Your badge is upgraded to diamond.

As we develop more features, there will be more exclusive privileges available for higher leveled contributors :)

How do I level up? 

You can level up by completing the missions associated to the level. Here's an example of the Level 0 Missions.

Illustrator Level 1:

  1. Get 3 followers
  2. Upload 5 illustrations
  3. Get 5 illustration likes
  4. Get 100 illustration views

Composer Level 1: 

  1. Get 3 followers
  2. Upload 5 sounds
  3. Get 5 sound likes
  4. Get 50 sound listens


Your level may be downgraded if we feel that you have violated our Terms of Service or Content and Community Guidelines. So play nice and only upload your own stuff. :)


Let us know what you think! We're working out different ways to make Elementari more fun and would love to hear from you. You can always find us on our Discord or email us at [email protected].