Before you upload your artwork, please read through these guidelines so your artwork adheres to the mission of Elementari. We love art, but we want to make sure your art is suitable  to create visual stories.

In short: 

  1. Use your own stuff
  2. Separate your character/objects from your background.
  3. Upload your character/object as separate PNG image(s) with transparent background.
  4. Upload your background.

General Guidelines 

Your Stuff Only. Only upload things you have made or have permission to use. If you're unsure whether it's ok for you to upload something, check out the User Content section of our Terms of Service

Stay E for Everyone. Only upload illustrations that are suitable for all ages. If you're unsure, check out the content section of our Content and Community Guidelines.

No Photos. Elementari is a platform meant to celebrate visual illustrated stories. Unfortunately, we are not looking for photos of any kind. There are many wonderful websites where you can share your photos. 

No Visible Brand or Watermark. Illustrations should not show any visible brands, logos, or watermarks. We make sure that all Elementari stories that use your artwork automatically credits and notifies you. See how Crediting works

No Text. Illustrations should not include text, unless the text itself is the illustration.

Vector Illustrations. If you are interested in uploading vector illustrations (.svg), send us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us on our Discord. Current uploading SVG (.svg) is not supported on Elementari. However we are currently looking into features specifically for vector designs (ex. changing the color of the paths).

Type of Upload and Formats

You can upload illustrations of two types: objects and backgrounds. 


Objects can be anything (people, animals, trees, etc). Objects can be dragged and positioned around the page. They can also be interacted with (clicked on, animated, etc). Objects should be PNG (.png) with a transparent background. This allows writers to layer the object over any background, and other objects.

If you work with traditional medium, we can help you edit and cut out your characters to be used in stories. Send us an email at [email protected] Otherwise please upload your illustration as a background.


Backgrounds will the backdrop of the page. It cannot be re-positioned. Backgrounds can includes textures or a scene. For best performances, please upload your background images as JPEG (.jpeg or .jpg). This will allow us to compress your background image better when you upload. Backgrounds should not include characters. 

If you cannot separate the character from the background (ex. paintings), then just upload them as a background.


Elementari groups illustrations into collections. A collection is a folder that holds similar items together. This allows writers to be able to use your art more effectively throughout their story. Here are some examples of collections:

  1. Matteo Sprites:  Different expressions for the same character
  2. Ocean Coral: Different lighting/color for the same background
  3. Frog Monster: Different poses or angles for the same character
  4. Trees: Similarly looking objects

If you have a single image without any similar items, you can submit it as it's own collection. 

By default, the first image uploaded to a collection will be the cover image of the collection. 

collection example

Check out the links to use this art in your own stories.


Your completed illustration is beautiful, but it is more difficult to be used and assembled in stories. Upload each element of your illustration as an Object (.png), so writers can have more freedom and flexibility creating with your artwork. See example below.

illustration layer parts

Uploading each item separately allows writers to reuse your artwork in different ways. 

Image Resolution

Elementari optimizes all illustrations at 1280x720 (the size of a story's page). 

TLDR: Just upload images with nice resolutions, we may crop, compress and optimize your images so they can be perfectly used in the Elementari Studio.


Objects will only be resized if they exceed 1280x720 page. We recommend that objects be at least 600x600, so they will render well on full screen. There is no cropping and aspect ratio is kept.


Backgrounds are optimized to fill the entire page (1280x720px) with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Backgrounds may be cropped so they may fit the page without distorting the image. We recommend uploading high quality backgrounds at 1280x720 or larger. Otherwise, the background will be stretched and may be pixelated. The red rectangle on the images below show where we crop the image.

background crop height to 720 px

Cropped vertically center. If the background is 1280px width but exceed 720px height. 

background crop width to 1280

Cropped horizontally center if they are 720px height but exceed 1280px width