Before you upload your music, please read through these guidelines so your audio adheres to the mission of Elementari. We love music, but we want to make sure your music is suitable to be used by people of all ages to create interactive stories. 

General Guidelines 

Your Stuff Only. Only upload things you have made or have permission to use. If you're unsure whether it's ok for you to upload something, check out the User Content section of our Terms of Service

Stay E for Everyone. Only upload audio that is suitable for all ages. If you're unsure, check out the content section of our Content and Community Guidelines.

No Audible Brand. Audio should not have any audible mention of brand.

Type of Upload and Formats

You can upload either sound effects or background music. Currently supported formats include WAV (.wav), MP3 (.mp3), MP4 (.m4a), and OGG (.ogg).

Sound Effects

Sound effects can be in the format of WAV (.wav), MP3 (.mp3), or MP4 (.m4a). 

Background Music

For best results, background music can be MP3 (.mp3) or MP4 (.m4a). For background music that loops, M4A is the preferred format. 

Unfortunately, OGG (.ogg) is not supported on Safari. If you are interested in seeing the various audio support you can go to

Background Music should not exceed 3 minutes.