Elementari has an amazing roster of illustrators and composers whose works are featured in our library to be used in interactive stories. We're looking for more people who want to contribute their work and be mark of Elementari's mission to promote literacy and the arts. 

To apply to contribute to Elementari you need to have a Elementari account, you can sign up for free at www.elementari.io. Once you have your account, you can start uploading your art or music. Your work will be displayed on your profile page and be added to the feeds of your followers.

There's no application form to become an illustrator or composer on Elementari. We want anyone to have the possibility to have their work featured in Elementari. However, in order to be featured in Elementari Studio's asset library, you must be at least a Level 1 Illustrator or a Level 1 Composer. See Levels and Privileges for more information.

To make sure your art or music fits what we are looking for, read through our Illustrator Submission Guidelines and our Composer Submission Guidelines