Press the play button to begin the story. You can navigate through the story by clicking on the side thumbnails as well as swiping left / right on the page (or using the arrow keys).

feedback 3.PNG

You can give feedback page by page on the student story. There is a double resolution process. See the process below:

  1. Teacher gives feedback on a page in the student’s story. The status of the feedback on the teacher end is “Waiting”.
  2. The student will see this feedback on their page and can make changes. Once the changes are made, the student will click on “Resolve”.
  3. When the student has resolved the feedback, the feedback will require the teacher to take action. The teacher will click on the “Actions” button and either:
    1. “Send Back” the feedback if the student did not make the change. The teacher can also add to the feedback.
    2. “Validate” the feedback. This marks the feedback as validated and completed (the circle turns green).

By default, you will receive email notifications when students resolve a feedback or submit a story. You can turn off email notifications in the settings page.

Tip: Hovering the colored circles will give you more information about the feedback status.