Once you log in, there is a button to “Create your First Class”. Click on it. You will then be directed to a page where you can create your first class.

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Importing classrooms and students

  1. Click on Import Google Classroom. (This will show a pop up from Google where you will need to enter your credentials)
  2. Select the Google Classrooms you want to import. Every student from the imported classrooms will receive an email invitation with their login instructions.
  3. Your classrooms and students should be imported!

If you have new students joining your google classroom, then just click on the "Import Classroom" button again to sync your students. This will add your new students to your classroom.

Sometimes there is an error when importing google classrooms for larger class sizes. Don't worry and just click on the Import Google Classroom button again. It will add the students that were not yet added.

If you have any trouble, send us a message at contact@elementari.io.

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Creating an assignment

You will need to add the assignment manually to each of your imported classes.

Your class assignment will be viewable by your students in the authoring tool. This is where you should be clear about your requirements for the activity.

Parent / student instructions

  1. Go to the website Elementari at www.elementari.io
  2. Click on the “LOGIN” button
  3. Login with the one of the following methods
    1. username/password
    2. email address/password
    3. Single-sign-on with the student's google account by clicking on the "Google" button. This will link the google account to the student account.
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If student emails are enabled, then students will receive an email with their login instructions.