Step 1. Choose the classroom

When students log in they will be directed to a page where they will see a list of their classes. They can select a classroom - or create for fun.

select a class.PNG

Step 2: Click on WRITE

After selecting a class, they will enter the homepage. There will be a banner with some of the class details.

student choose class.PNG

Step 3: Create or Enter a story

Click on the thumbnail of the story to edit it or start a new project. You will be directed into the authoring tool.

A pop up will appear - this is the assignment created by the teacher for this class.

assignment popup.PNG

Step 4: Start Writing and Coding!

Students can click on the purple “Tutorial” button to go through some step by step integrated tutorials on how to code.

You can also click on the blue “Activity” button in the bottom left to see the assignment at any time.

The authoring tool is very familiar to google slides / powerpoint. You can see a walkthrough of the first tutorial (“How to animate”) and how it works in this YouTube walkthrough.

Step 5: Edit / Resolve Feedback

There is a circle in the corner of the thumbnails with a number (the number of feedbacks).

Red indicates that the student needs to “Resolve” the feedback.

Students can click on the feedback icon to see the details and resolve.


Step 6: Publish

When the student is finished, the student can “publish”. The story requires the teacher to approve before it is made public.

The teacher will receive an email and notification that the story needs waiting for approval.

tutorial open.PNG

Step 7: Read, Share, and Remix

All stories published by the classroom will be in the classroom library page (public shareable URL).

Students can read through each others’ stories here. Students can also “remix” each others’ stories. This means that they copy the story to edit. The newly published story automatically credits the original source.